Starting a Group

volunteerIf you can’t find a support group close by, why not consider setting one up? Every group started with one or two people, so why not you? We can help you to find other parents in your area and to let people know about your group.

Here are some tips:

1. There are no rules. Every group will be different, depending on geography, numbers involved, the ages of the children represented, the needs of individuals within the group and whether people are working outside the home full time, part time or not at all. Also important will be personalities. Just as with our children, some people get along and enjoy each other’s company, others don’t. That’s okay.

2. Don’t procrastinate. The first meeting is always the hardest as you won’t know what to expect. Don’t wait for lots of people to accept the invitation and don’t wait for a date and time that suits everyone. Just set the date and venue, advertise it and go for it. Even if there are only two people at the first meeting, that’s a start.

3. Find a partner-in-crime, partly for moral support and partly so that you never find yourself stood up at a meeting. If you don’t know anyone, get in touch as we may be able to help.

4. Use this site: Once you have the ball rolling, send us a short description of the group and we will set up a page for you on this site. You can then use it to post information and notices about the group. We’ll help to spread the word.

5. Scheduling: Some groups find it works best if they pick a regular time and venue such as the local hotel on the third Wednesday of the month. Others are less organised. There is no right or wrong. Do whatever suits you best.

Don’t expect all members to come to every meeting. You will find that most people will come to a few sessions when they first discover that their child is gifted and they need information and advice. Once they have things under control, they may very well disappear unless they hit a problem further down the line. Generally, a core group of regulars will develop, often because they make friends and enjoy each other’s company. It is this core group that keeps the show on the road and ensures that there is somewhere for new members to come and for people to return to in times of need.