Gifted Adults

Giftedness is not something you have as a child and then grow out of. It is a fundamental part of who you are and how you experience the world around you. In other words, gifted children grow up into gifted adults. However, particularly in Ireland where awareness of the issue is in its infancy, most adults are unaware of the concept and the issues that go with it until their children are identified and they start to do some reading about it. As awareness of the field is raised, some people may be lucky enough to be picked up sooner.

One of our members, Michele Pippet, is a counselling psychologist who works extensively with young adults struggling to cope with various life situations. Since becoming familiar with the unique psychology of giftedness, she has identified many previously unidentified gifted adults and feels that they tend to be the ones who struggle most to resolve their issues and move on. They are also the ones who, given the right pointers, can do a great deal of self learning. Giving them this missing piece of their personal jigsaw has transformed the lives of many of her clients. Over the past two years, Michele and Catherine Riordan, have compiled the following list of reading materials. It has been used “in the field”  many times and we hope that you find it helpful.


Blogs for gifted adults:
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