CTYI Based Groups

Coffee at CTYI

CTYI offer classes on Saturdays for gifted children between the ages of 6 and 13. These classes offer what may be the only chance that these children have to meet others like themselves. The benefit is often not the subject material covered or its advanced nature, but the social experience of “fitting in” once a week. This can make such a difference to a child that families often travel considerable distances to attend.

While their children are at class, parents can find themselves at a loose end. This is the perfect opportunity for them to also find a peer group, to exchange stories and advice, to have a good vent and to feel at last like they’re not alone!

CTYI have always been very supportive of parents wishing to set up a group at the various venues on Saturdays and have, on many occasions, invited us to speak to parents about the benefits of supporting each other in this way. It is difficult to keep these groups going from term to term as the families involved change, but we are always very happy to help people to get/keep the ball rolling. If you would like to volunteer to get things started at your CTYI centre, please let us know and we’ll help you out. 

Gifted Ireland speech bubble logoThese groups tend to be very informal and their success depends on parents getting involved. There may not always be anyone “in charge”. If you would like to meet other parents at any of these venues during CTYI classes, print off this logo and bring it with you as a means of identification and to indicate that you’d like to chat. Let us know so that we can spread the word that there are other parents at that venue who are looking to meet up.

We rely on the parents at each venue to keep us abreast of any changes or developments and do our best to keep the details below up to date.

DCU: Upstairs at the Helix.

UCC: Mango Cafe in Brookfield Village is the venue of choice here. Further details here.

NUIG: The venue here is the Restaurant, opposite the Millenium Building. Further details here

LYIT: Parents meet at Costa Cafe in Letterkenny Further details here.

CTYI also runs classes at the following third level institutions across the country. As yet, no one has volunteered to get things started there, but we’re here to help if we can.

  • Athlone IT
  • Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology
  • University of Limerick
  • Sligo IT
  • Carlow IT