Gifted Ireland came about as the culmination of the advocacy efforts of two parents who met in 2008, while seeking help to navigate the Irish school system with their children. After initially doing what we all tend to do…moan and complain about the lack of support, understanding and resources…they realised that they needed to stop moaning and actually do something about it. Having set up their own local support group, they went on to establish a blog through which to disseminate information. In 2013, Gifted Ireland was established to serve as a platform for what had now evolved into a national network and advocacy effort.

It has now been almost 14 years since they first met. Their own children have flown their nests and Karen and Catherine have returned to work fulltime. Running a support and advocacy network/website for the parents of gifted children is no longer feasible. As their children grew into adults and with the addition of a psychologist, Michele, to the team, the focus has shifted to gifted issues among adolescents and adults. 

Rather than lose the information that we have spent years creating and collating, we are happy to maintain this website as a source of information, but unfortunately we will not be able to respond to queries or requests for advice. However, anyone seeking the help of a counsellor/psychologist for a gifted adolescent or adult is welcome to contact Michele.