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Celebrating Ireland & The Irish

This video pays great tribute to many Irish people and the wonderful things they have achieved in various fields, on an international stage.

Ireland and the Irish are well known for ‘tall poppy syndrome’ or, as we call it here, ‘begrudgery’. Over at Gifted Ireland HQ we join in the celebration of these wonderful achievements and the joy that these artists, sportspeople, scientists and writers have brought to many thousands of people worldwide. Seeing this video do the rounds on social media this weekend, has reminded us how much the people of this tiny country have to offer and has galvanised us in our quest to have the budding talent of our young people acknowledged and nurtured.

For centuries, gifted and talented people in Ireland have achieved great things in the face of many hurdles, economic, political and intellectual. We need an education system that recognises the intellectual potential of  the children it serves and which celebrates excellence so that our current generation of gifted young people can go on to inspire the next.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all our friends around the globe!