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Happy Easter!

Happy EasterWe hope you got plenty of lovely Easter eggs today and are enjoying the school break. If you are looking for something to do with your family later in the week, why not join one of our Gifted Advocacy and Support groups for an outing. They are always happy to welcome new faces!

Monday 21st April: The Dublin North support group invites you to join them for a guided walk along the seafront in Clontarf to mark the Battle of Clontarf Millenium Commemorations. Details here.

Saturday 26th April: The Kildare group invites you to join them for an outing to Emo Court in Co. Laois. Details here.


Celebrating Ireland & The Irish

This video pays great tribute to many Irish people and the wonderful things they have achieved in various fields, on an international stage.

Ireland and the Irish are well known for ‘tall poppy syndrome’ or, as we call it here, ‘begrudgery’. Over at Gifted Ireland HQ we join in the celebration of these wonderful achievements and the joy that these artists, sportspeople, scientists and writers have brought to many thousands of people worldwide. Seeing this video do the rounds on social media this weekend, has reminded us how much the people of this tiny country have to offer and has galvanised us in our quest to have the budding talent of our young people acknowledged and nurtured.

For centuries, gifted and talented people in Ireland have achieved great things in the face of many hurdles, economic, political and intellectual. We need an education system that recognises the intellectual potential of  the children it serves and which celebrates excellence so that our current generation of gifted young people can go on to inspire the next.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all our friends around the globe!


Evanna Lynch Launches Book at CTYI

Evanna Lynch at CTYIThere was great excitement at CTYI/DCU last Saturday evening for the launch of Words To Tie To Bricks, an anthology of works by the students of the creative writing class of Summer 2013. Not only were these teenagers there to see their work published in print, the book was to be launched by CTYI alumna, Evanna Lynch, aka Luna Lovegood of Harry Potter fame.

The highlight of the evening was Evanna’s speech. Having begun by saying she was no good at public speaking, she went on to deliver a wonderful message to the young people in the audience and one which merits sharing further.

Reading the book which she had been invited to launch, she was struck by the depth of the subject matter and the intensity of emotions expressed. As had been remarked by previous speakers, it was hard to believe the authors are so young. Then she remembered back to when she herself was that age, attending CTYI and beginning her acting career with the Harry Potter films. She too used to write, although she claims she rarely finished anything! People frequently remarked that she was too young to be writing what she wrote, too young to be acting; always too young for what she was doing, feeling or thinking. After a while, she began to feel as though she was wrong to be doing these things at all and felt somehow uncomfortable about it.

Now, in her early twenties, the message has become “you should be doing this” and “you should be doing that.” She is suddenly no longer considered too young to have such talent, but is expected to challenge herself and achieve more. Looking back, she says the constant message that she was too young was, in a way, quite damaging. It made her question herself and her ability and it prevented her from really enjoying doing what she loved.

Her message to young people is not to pay too much attention to those who tell you that you are too young. If you have a talent and you enjoy using it and developing it, then embrace it, be proud of it and really enjoy it now.

This is no ordinary book of poems and prose written by a bunch of teens, It is really well-written and a pleasure to read. If in doubt, take a look inside. Not alone that, but all proceeds go to St Michael’s House,  who provide vital community-based services for people with intellectual disability. What a wonderful way for the students of CTYI to use their talent. Please support them and St Michael’s House by buying a copy of the book. You will find links to all versions here, so no excuses!

Words To Tie To Bricks

CTYI Parents’ Groups

Coffee at CTYI

CTYI/Letterkenny: A new CTYI term and lots of new faces! A group of parents got together this morning and went to Costa Coffee in Letterkenny for a chat over coffee. It was great to meet new people and hopefully everyone enjoyed the opportunity to chat and share our experiences. We had a change of venue as the canteen in LYIT was closed. Apologies to anyone I didn’t manage to speak to but hopefully we can meet up next week. Perhaps if anyone interested in going for coffee would like to meet at the front door after dropping the children off, we can go from there. Please come along. It was very informal and just gives us all a chance to meet others in similar circumstances! Hope to see everyone next Saturday! I can be contacted on Edel

CTYI/NUIGalway: Parents had coffee and a lovely chat at the Kingfisher Club while their children were at classes this morning. However, the Restaurant, down the steps directly opposite the entrance to the Arts Millenium Building, looks like a more suitable venue. So, from next Saturday, we will meet there instead. Watch out for the speech bubble logo when you are dropping your child off, or pop over to the restaurant and find us. We covered all sorts of topics today, from school woes to laundry tips, and the time flew by! Don’t worry if you don’t have a child attending classes this term. You are still welcome to drop in and join us between 10am and 12.30pm. You can contact us through

Join us for an Architrek!

Logo for Open House Dublin

If you are looking for something to do with the family next weekend, Open House Dublin may fit the bill.

Many of the events are pre-book only but members of some of our support groups plan to try out the Family Architreks at Trinity and at Dun Laoghaire Waterfront, which are free to everyone. If you would like to join them, Kildare is coordinating the gifted gathering at the Trinity trek and Wicklow/South Dublin the Dun Laoghaire one. Details of the treks below:

Family Architrek: Tour of Trinity

Saturday 5 October, 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Guided family tours of Trinity College campus using our specially designed Architrek activity pack. Suitable for: All ages

First-come basis: Just turn up and look out for Open House Dublin volunteers.

Location: Trinity College Dublin, D2 Meeting point: Campanile

Family Architrek: Dún Laoghaire Waterfront

Sunday 6 October, 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Guided family activity tours of the waterfront and public spaces of Dún Laoghaire, using our specially designed Architrek activity pack. Tours depart at regular intervals. Suitable for: All ages.

First-come basis: Just turn up and look out for Open House Dublin volunteers.

Location: Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Meeting point: DLR Open House Dublin Tent outside ‘Meadows and Byrne’